Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Apple Season! Picking, Cooking, Baking, so many options!

"As American As Apple Pie" so the saying goes....

Most of us love apples...it's kind of hard not too! Their varieties seem almost endless...from tart to sweet, from baking to eating, there's always an apple for just about every taste.

I came across a couple of graphs that I think are helpful for 99% of people...let's face it, unless you're an apple grower, you probably don't know all the type of apples and what they are best used for. Anyway, I don't know who originally created the charts, otherwise I would be happy to give props and send people your way since you obviously know a lot more than most on this subject, but here they are:

The first one has been around for a few years, and it was nicely arranged to show sweet to tart, cooking, and eating. One of my favorite charts to refer too!

 The second one goes a bit more in depth:
This chart also shows sweet to tart, baking and eating, but it goes a bit deeper by also sharing the texture and the season. 
Both charts are great for reference! 
Now if you're like me, you will either save the pic to your phone for quick reference when you are at the apple stand, or you will print it out and stash it in your purse for the same purpose. 

What's my personal favorite....Red Delicious! Not too sweet, not too tart, but not good for baking. 

Where to go for apple picking....depends on where you live, but here in Southwest Wisconsin, we have a nice selection of places to visit. We mentioned just a few below, but a personal tip...make sure you find one that sells apple cider donuts! OMG! They are absolutely delish...especially if you get them fresh, while they are still warm! Yum! 

Gays Mills Wisconsin has many orchards, including SunriseKickapoo, and Fleming. While in Gays Mills, be sure to stop at the Apple'licious Pie Depot (sorry, no website) for hands down the BEST apple pie around! 

Another personal favorite is Oakwood Fruit Farm in Richland Center. Less crowded than Gays Mills, and just about every apple treat you could want! 

There you have it...quick and easy run down of the apples and where to find them in our neck of the woods. Enjoy! 

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