Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fire Safety Checklist

A fire can happen at any time of the year. Take a moment to check the list below and keep your family safe.

  •  Are there smoke alarms installed on each floor of your home? Change the batteries 2x per year. We recommend during daylight savings time so you will always know the last time they were replaced.
  •  Do you have a fire extinguisher, and is it charged? If you are unsure, take it to your local fire  department and ask for assistance. 
  •  Do you have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned on a regular basis? 
  •  Have you had your home’s wiring checked for wear and tear, and repaired if necessary? 
  •  Does everyone unplug appliances in the bathrooms, such as hair dryers and radios after use? 
  •  Are you careful not to overload any electrical circuit in the house? 
  •  Does everyone in your household know what to do in case of fire or smoke? 
  •  Do you run periodic fire drills (even at night) so everyone knows the procedures and escape  routes? 
  •  Is everyone aware of the importance of keeping stairways and exits completely clear? 
  •  Do you turn off all appliances, such as your dishwasher, dryer and washer, when no one is  home?
Remember, items can be replaced, a life can not! Please be safe.

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