Monday, July 3, 2017

10 Best Kept Secrets To Sell Your Home

Everyone wants top dollar for their home at sale time, who wouldn't?!? Today we will share a few of the best kept secrets in the industry

#10 - Find out what your home is worth, and then price for less than that. Yes, we mean less than quoted value. Don't worry, we only mean by 10-15% less. By utilizing this pricing strategy, you will get more buyers through the door, sell it quicker, and may even see some great competition and sell it for more in the end.

#9 - Hire the right agent! Don't hire one that just places a sign in your yard and assumes it will sell off their name alone! Hire an agent that is willing to go that extra mile for you. Ask for examples of their work, what they offer, and do your research. (enter shameless plug for our company here: )

#8 - Don't do major upgrades right before you decide to sell. Your ROI (return on investment) won't be there. Instead, do the updates that will pay you back in the short term. Fresh coat of paint, new curtains, new door knobs, cabinet hardware, fixing those minor things you put off fixing over the years, all those little things will have a big impact.

#7 - The kitchen! The kitchen sells the home. Don't plan a major remodel right before sale time, but do plan on neutral paint, cleaned cabinets, organize everything (yes, even inside the cabinets because yes, the buyers will open the doors), maybe new hardware, new lighting (do not use florescent bulbs, they take too long to warm up, instead invest in led's). Clean off the counters! This will not be ideal for everyday living, but the clearer a counter is, the better. Also, if you plan on taking your appliances with you because you simply can't bear to part with them, remove them before the home goes on the market otherwise the buyers will expect, and ask for, them to be included.

#6 - Closets. Empty those entirely, go through what you have and donate what you no longer want. Then commit to only placing half of the original contents back inside. Anything left over must go to a separate storage facility away from the home. Buyers want to know there will be enough room to store all their own possessions and if they see your closets crammed, they will assume their things won't fit either.

#5 - Lighting. First and foremost do not use florescent bulbs! These take too long to warm up. Instead, swap out all your bulbs for LED's...these are bright immediately upon the flip of the switch and the more lighting, the better. Even during the summer, if all the lights in the home are turned on during a showing, it is invigorating for a buyer. Brighter = cheery

#4 - Pets. Though we love them, not everyone does. Do not have the pets present during showings, also put away their bowls, food, toys, bed, etc. Most importantly, if you have a cat, be sure to clean the litter right before the showing. A smelly litter box will kill a deal every time

#3 - Depersonalize. You probably adore seeing your niece's face on the hallway wall every time you walk by, but a buyer won't. Buyers have to view a property as potentially their home, they can't do that if all of your personal items are out. Store all the photos, collections, memorabilia, etc. A blank slate allows the buyers to envision themselves living there without feeling like they are intruding on your space.

#2 - Always be "show ready" - yes, this will feel like you are living in a museum and will be difficult to do if you have small children but it can be the thing that sells your home before your competitions. No dishes in the sink, toys put away, freshly dusted, etc will all make a big difference.

#1 - First Impressions - No matter how well your interior appears, buyers have already decided and judged your home by its exterior.  You never get a second chance to make a 1st impression. Spruce up the exterior by making sure nothing is laying around outside, the flower beds are attended too, lawn is mowed, bushes trimmed, and it feels welcoming. If we can't get them in the door, how can we sell the home?

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