Friday, April 7, 2017

Soundproofing Tips!

If you're reading this, chances are you need a part of your home to be a little quieter, and old egg cartons will only do so much. 
Whether it be a child's play room or an in-home studio, there's are some tips that could help you bring some more peace to your home.

1. More Drywall
If you're remodeling or building your own home, you might want to consider adding some extra drywall to the rooms that you want to keep quieter. The drywall will help stop the sound waves from moving through the house.

2. Plug Sound Leaks
Sound can travel through open areas very easily. Some places it tends to easily flow through are switch boxes, ceiling fixtures, and from around the door. Try to add some insulation around your fixtures and try to put some door sweeps down to block the space between your door and the floor.

3. Add Soft Items
If you lay some carpet, some foam floor pads, or put a soft chair in the room, it'll help absorb some sound. The carpet and foam help prevent the sound waves from traveling through the floor, and will help dull the sound overall.

4. Try Acoustic Panels
Acoustic panels are some of the best things invented, I swear! They're designed to catch the sound and prevent it from hitting the walls or ceiling at all. They're usually used in areas like home theaters, but they can be placed in any room. You can get them in panels or in smaller squares, and they attach easily.

I hope that these ideas have helped you find some nice ideas for giving your home a little more peace and quiet.

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