Monday, March 13, 2017

Traditions to Share With Your Family - Saint Patrick's Day

Good ol' Saint Paddy's day is almost here! It's a time to grab a cold one and share some fun with your friends and family. If you're looking for some fun things to do in the days left leading up to this holiday, look no further! I'm about to tell you about a couple fun, Irish traditions to share with your family.

1. The Flood of The Coins
       How many of you have a coin jar at home? I know I do. If you haven't gone to cash it in for a while, this one is perfect! 
       The day before Saint Patrick's day, hide a bunch of your coins around the house. When your kids get up, tell them that you think the leprechaun might have lost some of his coins around the house, and he needs their help to find all of them. Tell them that if they each find, let's say, 50 coins, that the leprechaun might bring them something special the next day to thank them for all of their hard work.
       Yes, I know this is kind of like an Easter Egg hunt, but who doesn't love those?

2. Leprechaun Rampage
       This one is fun, but it also will make a mess of your house... You've been warned.
       When you're kids wake up on Saint Patrick's day, take them on a leprechaun hunt. Take them either on a walk or on a ride and tell them to keep their eyes peeled for any leprechauns. Before you leave, though, get them outside and ready, but then go back in saying you forgot something. When you go in, knock over some chairs, scatter some coins (candy or real), put a few drops of green food coloring in your toilet, and do anything else that'll make it look like a leprechaun ransacked the house. Don't forget to leave them a little note from the leprechaun that made the mess!
        Go back outside and take your kids on their hunt. When they get back, they'll be shocked, excited, and maybe even a little upset with that leprechaun for being so sneaky. It's okay, though. That's what the chocolate coins are for!

Don't forget to play around with the food coloring and dye their milk green, or maybe even put a few drops onto their food when they're not looking. Have some fun with it, and your kids will have fun, too. 

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