Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Real Estate Terminology...How Much Do I Really Need To Know

1031 Exchange...ARM...Secondary Market....What do all these terms mean??? Do they even apply to me and why do I need to know them?

Real estate can be overwhelming, even for the experienced home buyer! Toss in all those terms, phrases, etc and once can feel like they are drowning!

So how much do I really need to know?

Well, that question depends on what your real estate plans are. Buying your first home? Maybe moving up to your second home? Then many of those scary terms don't apply to you and your situation. Looking at becoming an investor? Maybe considering diversifying your portoflio? Then yes, you will want to familiarize yourself with the more in depth terminology.

A fantastic, easy to read, vocabulary source can be found at MLS.com Home Glossary They cover just about everything in an easy to read, page scrolling format.

Still unsure of how to make your way through the real estate waters??? You are not alone! It's not everyday that people sell or purchase a property and our job, as real estate experts, is to guide, explain, and make you feel comfortable during the process as well as assist as much as possible along the path.

Need help? Contact Us before you start viewing properties! Unlike some firms, we do not charge for our Buyer Agency (see definition in the link above) services when you purchase a Realtor listed property, and we have the ability to show you every property on the market...even those not listed by our firm! Have someone working for you, in your best interest, for the largest purchase in your life.

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