Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lighten Up in the Winter!

I believe that we can all agree that winter isn’t the best time of year for bright, peppy scenery, right? It can get to be pretty dark and depressing at times, I know. That’s why I’m here today to give you tips and ideas to make your home seem brighter and more open during these drab months.

To start, you’ll want to limit your use of really dark colors in your home. You might like to have the warm feeling those colors can provide, but you shouldn’t base an entire room off of those colors. A little bit can go a long way. One of my favorite ways to lighten up a room is to give it a fresh paint job! To encourage an open and light feel, paint your walls white. If that's not an option due to something like, oh I don't know, children or pets, still do your best to keep your colors light.

Also be sure to remember to keep your furniture decor simple. Too many large pieces of furniture will cause your space to look cramped and cluttered, and they'll take up a lot of floor space. Any rugs or runners you have won't be seen.
Your rooms should have plenty of light in them, also. If you don't have windows, get some lamps. Floor lamps work really well for projecting the light upwards and through the whole room. They're tall and sleek so it's usually easier to find a place to put them in your house. If you're looking to add some more light to your kitchen, get creative! There are plenty of ways to add fixtures above your counters. One of my favorite designs is the one pictured to the right.
Mirrors are also a great way to add some more light to a space. Maybe try placing a mirror on the opposite wall of a lamp or window. Why? The mirror will take the light and reflect it through the entire room, helping to lighten the space and limit shadows.
Speaking of windows, let's talk curtains. Most people make their curtains perfectly frame the window, but that will just make the window look small and it will actually end up limiting some of the light that enters the room. Try hanging your curtains a little above your window, and make sure your curtain rod extends past the window, so you can keep the window completely clear from anything that could keep the light from coming in.

These are just a few ideas on what you could do! If you have any questions or ideas for what I should write about next week, leave a comment!

Keep dreaming!

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