Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween Is Quickly Approaching! ~ Tips & Ideas from United Country Real Estate located in Platteville WI

That spooky time of year is upon us....time for all the ghosts, ghouls and candy too! 

Below are some awesome links we found to help you out this year! 

Need a last minute costume idea? Check these out from the Today Show...and don't forget to use your Amazon Prime for quick delivery! 

61 Last Minute Costume Ideas  

Maybe you are still searching for Halloween decorating ideas...check out all the ideas that can be found on Pinterest! These are all fantastic..and there's actually a lot more than 25 ideas here! 

Best Ideas Found On Pinterest

Good Housekeeping also has some wonderful ideas for decor, costumes, and food that can be found on their site!

Good Housekeeping Halloween Ideas

Not to be outspooked, Woman's Day has a great selection of Part Ideas! 

26 Cheap & Easy Halloween Party Ideas

Woman's Day also has a great site for couple's costumes!

Couple's Halloween Costumes

Check out Mental Floss' page - all of these are so neat that you have to go to the site to view them! 

67 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Enjoy Halloween everyone! And, as always, we do not receive any compensation from any of the sites/products/etc we share here. We simply enjoy sharing what we find with others, and hope you will too! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Apple Season! Picking, Cooking, Baking, so many options!

"As American As Apple Pie" so the saying goes....

Most of us love's kind of hard not too! Their varieties seem almost endless...from tart to sweet, from baking to eating, there's always an apple for just about every taste.

I came across a couple of graphs that I think are helpful for 99% of people...let's face it, unless you're an apple grower, you probably don't know all the type of apples and what they are best used for. Anyway, I don't know who originally created the charts, otherwise I would be happy to give props and send people your way since you obviously know a lot more than most on this subject, but here they are:

The first one has been around for a few years, and it was nicely arranged to show sweet to tart, cooking, and eating. One of my favorite charts to refer too!

 The second one goes a bit more in depth:
This chart also shows sweet to tart, baking and eating, but it goes a bit deeper by also sharing the texture and the season. 
Both charts are great for reference! 
Now if you're like me, you will either save the pic to your phone for quick reference when you are at the apple stand, or you will print it out and stash it in your purse for the same purpose. 

What's my personal favorite....Red Delicious! Not too sweet, not too tart, but not good for baking. 

Where to go for apple picking....depends on where you live, but here in Southwest Wisconsin, we have a nice selection of places to visit. We mentioned just a few below, but a personal tip...make sure you find one that sells apple cider donuts! OMG! They are absolutely delish...especially if you get them fresh, while they are still warm! Yum! 

Gays Mills Wisconsin has many orchards, including SunriseKickapoo, and Fleming. While in Gays Mills, be sure to stop at the Apple'licious Pie Depot (sorry, no website) for hands down the BEST apple pie around! 

Another personal favorite is Oakwood Fruit Farm in Richland Center. Less crowded than Gays Mills, and just about every apple treat you could want! 

There you have it...quick and easy run down of the apples and where to find them in our neck of the woods. Enjoy! 

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Dairy Days...yes, it's a thing! :)

If you're from the midwest, particularly from Wisconsin, you probably know all about Dairy Days events that take place in your town! For those not so familiar, here's a quick synopsis of what happens, at least with ours here in Platteville WI

Opening day is always on a Friday. September 8th is the date this year, and runs through Sunday. 
Events can include a variety of things from music, flea market, truck pulls, parade, and more! Plus I heard we have cow pie bingo this year...if you don't know what that is, you probably don't really want to know! ;) 

Here is this year's line up....

Friday, September 8th
8am-8pm Flea Market
5:00  Christman Amusement Midway Opens
5:00  Beer stand and food vendors open
6:00  Aquatic Hitchhikers – Main Stage
7:00  Mini Rods and Truck Pull –  $8 admission children 12 and under free
9:30  Generation Nashville – Main Stage free admission
Saturday, September 9th
8am-8pm  Flea Market
9:30  Parade – Main St. (watch for our UC cow riding trike!)
10:00-4:00 4-H Exhibits & Judging (Art Hall building)
11:15 The Real Beals one man band (Main Stage)
12:00 Band & Float Awards (Main Stage)
12:00 Dairy Cattle Show
12:00- 4:00 Cheese Tent free samples in main tent
12:30 Moo Mania variety and comedy show (main stage)
1:15   Cincinnati Circus performer Chris Yantek  (Main Stage)
1:00 – 6:00 Old Tyme photo booth open (near ball field concession stand)
1:00   Jaycee Bean Bag Tourney – Chamberlain Field near Jaycee beer tent registration at noon
2:00  Hometown Talent Showcase (Main Stage-free admission
2:45  The Real Beals one man band (main stage)
3:30  Moo Mania variety and comedy (main stage)
4:15  Cincinnati Circus performer Chris Yantek (main stage)
5:00  Dairy Queen Dilly Bar Eating Contest (Midway Stage) (Register at Info Booth 1:00 -4:30 pm)
6:00  Platteville Dairy Days Open Tractor Pull – $10 admission children 12 and under free. 
6:00  TBA  (Main Stage-free admission)
8:00  Featuring Stone Crazy with special guest American Standard (Main Stage-free admission)
9:30  Chris Yantek Fire show
Sunday, September 10th
9:00   Southwest Auto Club Car Show
11:00 Dairyland Antique Tractor Pull (free admission)
12:00 The Real Beals one man band
12:45 Moo Mania comedy and variety show
1:00   Kids Pedal Tractor Pull 
1:30   The Real Beals
2:15   Moo Mania
Other events/info:
Flea Market set and sales begin Thursday the 7th at 8am most vendors will sell during their set up and into the evening.
Non-profit food & beverage vendors
Jaycees, Optimists, 4-H, Kiwanis, Noon Optimists
Need more information??? Check out the Platteville Dairy Days website at Platteville Dairy Days 

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Getting Ready For Fall!

Fall is almost here...crisp air, crunch of fall leaves, smell of burning leaves in the air (for those of us in the country that is), the beautiful fall colors, and, of course, the pumpkin spice everything!

Along with fall comes the time to do some light maintenance for the upcoming winter season. If you are like us, here in Wisconsin, this is an important task as there is not much worse than -20 outside and the furnace breaks down! Brrrr!

We have found a few links with some great tips, ideas, info, or just plane fun things to do this fall season. Enjoy!

HGTV has a blog filled with decorating ideas! 66 photos in this gallery! You can connect to it here 

DIYNetwork offers a nice selection of autumn maintenance tips here

BHG also has a nice checklist to follow here

Pinterest ...ok, who doesn't enjoy the eye candy on that site??? Here is a link to 175 fall images, plus their great tips, ideas, recipes and more! Connect directly to that here

There you go...quick, simple, sites to prepare you for the upcoming fall season!


~ United Country Real Estate/Town & Country Realty, serving Southwest Wisconsin

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fire Safety Checklist

A fire can happen at any time of the year. Take a moment to check the list below and keep your family safe.

  •  Are there smoke alarms installed on each floor of your home? Change the batteries 2x per year. We recommend during daylight savings time so you will always know the last time they were replaced.
  •  Do you have a fire extinguisher, and is it charged? If you are unsure, take it to your local fire  department and ask for assistance. 
  •  Do you have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned on a regular basis? 
  •  Have you had your home’s wiring checked for wear and tear, and repaired if necessary? 
  •  Does everyone unplug appliances in the bathrooms, such as hair dryers and radios after use? 
  •  Are you careful not to overload any electrical circuit in the house? 
  •  Does everyone in your household know what to do in case of fire or smoke? 
  •  Do you run periodic fire drills (even at night) so everyone knows the procedures and escape  routes? 
  •  Is everyone aware of the importance of keeping stairways and exits completely clear? 
  •  Do you turn off all appliances, such as your dishwasher, dryer and washer, when no one is  home?
Remember, items can be replaced, a life can not! Please be safe.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Protecting Food During A Power Outage

Many of us have been there...the storm hits and takes out the power supply lines. Though most of the time the power can be restored rather quickly, there are events that happen that may lead to us being without power for a day or two (or even more!)

Some tips from The United States Department of Agriculture to consider:

  • If your freezer is full, it will stay at freezing temperatures for about two days; a half-full freezer about one day provided that you keep the door closed as much as possible. If the freezer is not full, clump foods and packages together to help keep them cold.
  •  In general, non-perishable refrigerated items should be safe for up to four hours. Discard perishable foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers that have been above 40 degrees for two hours or more, as well as any food that shows unusual odor, color, or texture, or feels warm to the touch
  • If you think the power may be out for several days, put dry or block ice in the freezer and refrigerator. If only a small amount of the food is worth saving, use a cooler filled with ice. 
  • Don’t open the door to the refrigerator or freezer any more than necessary
  • Most importantly, if you have any doubt about the item being edible, toss it! 

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Lowering Home Insurance Premiums

We all want to save money, right? Well here are a few tips to consider:

  • Shop around. Ask friends and family whom they use, if they are happy with the service they receive, and a rough idea for their costs (to compare to your home). Once you find 3, ask those 3 for quotes and choose the best company to fit your needs
  • Raise your deductible. Most companies recommend a deductible of $500, but if you can raise that to $1,000 you may save as much as 25% off your premium
  • Buy your home an auto policies from same insurer. By bundling, you will save between 5-15% on average
  • Make your home more disaster resistant. Updating the plumbing, electrical heating, etc can protect your investment from fire, flood, etc. Ask your agent if there are options you can utilize in your area to protect your home from exterior events
  • Improve home security. Sometimes you can receive 5% discount for smoke detectors, burglar alarms or deadbolts. 
  • Age can make a difference. Those 55 and older may receive a discount up to 10% because they are viewed as having more time to maintain the home
  • Maintain your credit score. A better score may mean a better rate
  • Stay with the same company for a long period of time. Your loyalty may pay out in lower rates over time
  • An approved sprinkler system may save you up to 8%. Though installing one may be pricey so you will want to discuss this with your agent before pursuing. 

Most importantly, have an open conversation with your agent about cost saving ideas, plans to upgrade/update mechanicals, etc. The piece of mind combined with the savings are a win-win for everyone.

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